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If you're looking for a casting audition, don't look too far, and don't look too long. Or maybe just look as much as you want. Maybe there are all the opportunities to attend a casting audition that you could possibly need right at the tips of your fingers. You can be a glutton and go on as many as you can fit into a week, or pick and choose according to projects or roles that really appeal to you.

The old standard casting audition we typically think of hasn't changed much. Cold readings are not unusual, sometimes the reciting of a monologue or poem committed to memory is required. The luckiest casting audition participants will be asked to jump head-first into improvisational theatre exercises, keeping the story going with dialogue created off the top of the head.

A casting audition with your name on it is waiting for you now at your local movie/TV studio. Don't like acting? Who cares? When those royalty checks start rolling in, you'll be glad you made a career change. Just one successful casting audition is all it takes to change everything.