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When we went to the Disney Channel audition, we couldn't believe our eyes. There were more little kids in Mickey Mouse costumes than you could shake a stick at. Just to make things clear, every Disney Channel audition is not for Mickey's new live action buddy, and there are a myriad of parts to be had at Disney.

Disney Channel audition folklore speaks of sickly, orphaned children who attended just one Disney Channel audition and then weren't seen some months later sunning on the Riviera. This kind of overnight obscurity to fame success story, while uncommon, does happen from time to time, one must simply be open to it.

If you had to go to a Disney Channel audition for an animated character, would you rather be Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? Or if there was a Disney Channel audition for an after school special, would you rather play the drug addicted teen or the tough but concerned football coach who does something about it?